Sight For All

The ‘Sight for all visual identity is unique in many ways,Our eyes are our link to the world.

As a stand apart recognition for the ‘National Society For the Prevention of Blindness-India,
it speaks of many things

Faith and Life are the main themes displayed by this visual identity.The eye line symbolizes the hands of Faith and Love.

The eyeball and inside symbolize the light of the Sun….the Jyoti. The Vision.

While the Sun stands for life, the Green colour inside denotes the Giving mode. It also stands for Life.

The eyelashes depict the rays of a rising Sun, dispelling darkness. The rays of Hope, happiness and bliss.

The five rays stand for the five materials that life is made of Agni, Jal, Akash, Prithvi and Vayu.

We are still trying to understand the most complex process of vision. It is indeed a miracle.

It portrays and symbolizes NSPB’s resolve to bring the Gift of Sight to the visually challenged.

The joy and glory of sight.